We Carry This Treasure in Jars

The story of divine humility found in mankind formed of dust yet filled with eternal breath – a soul that lives on post its sell by date. A humility inevitable because whether we choose to embrace it or not, truth is we are all earthenware with dents and cracks desperate for the ever healing hands of the Potter. A Potter who moistens us, scrapes and remodels us as we spin in control that can be daunting to eyes that see nearer than they should. The warm Carpenter’s hands that crafts and deposits treasures within us so that we shine His light – for Sonshine. We are hand made and smell of a rainy Spring morning by a Craftsman who puts His stamp of approval on us – His seal of glory; the Spirit of Truth so that we can carry His treasure with grace. You were made worthy. T H R I V E O N!

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